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TDgSports is an innovative event design agency specializing in Hospitality Interiors, Decor, Branding and Fabrications. A subsidiary of The Design Group (“TDG”), TDG Sports was formed in March 2017, to continue the 11-year excellent work of TDG with a focus on the sports hospitality arena.




The birth of TDgSports fulfilled a business objective of TDG by allowing the Sports Hospitality division to end up as a distinct discipline, with TDG continuing to operate the core businesses of corporate event planning, destination wedding services and the graphic service divisions.


Why is this important? It allows key personnel of the TDG family to concentrate on the business of corporate sports hospitality with all the benefits of the experience and history of TDG in its arsenal.






That simple statement is the cornerstone of TDgSports’ existence. Mr.  Jean Augustin, the chief designer for TDgSports, prides himself on being able to reduce to paper dreams that inspire clients or customers of clients, and to be even better at creating from raw materials the design that was drawn on the paper. Many of TDgSports competitors are good as drawing pretty pictures, but they often fail to capture the look and feel of the picture when they create the design from raw materials. TDgSports’ creative and fabrication skills gives it an advantage over its competitors.



Details. Details. And More Details.

TDgSports specializes in developing corporate sports hospitality packages that are precisely tailored to their client’s desires and needs.  TDgSports understands branding and activation and can provide the proper décor for the client’s event.  We listen to our clients, pay attention to the details, throw in a healthy dose of creativity and end up with a décor package that is pleasing to the tournament directors and to their sponsors.




Career Builder Tournament

TDG has been the exclusive décor vendor for the Career Builder Tournament for the last seven years. During that time, TDG has successfully worked with different tournament directors and sponsors, while maintaining a satisfactory consistent high décor level.

TDG works on the chalet from the ground up. This chalet is being built on the 18thgreen at the PGA West for Career Builder to entertain guests

What started as a tent ended up as a comfortable place to relax, eat a meal, have a cocktail.  The chalet offered climate control, Wi-Fi and flat touch screen TVs.



WOW Doesn’t Happen By Chance

TDgSports’ design and production best practices cause it. WOW happens because TDgSports:

  Schedules one on one meetings with the client/tournament director months before the tournament to discuss designs and décor objectives, and to present additional décor enhancements.
  Provides a full color rendering and architectural floor plan that illustrates the proposed layout of the chalet, along with a sample board of the recommended fabric and materials.
  Assists the client and sponsor throughout the design and production to ensure that all design objectives are met.
  Remains on site so that clients’ or sponsors’ requests for enhancements to their décor can be quickly addressed.

  Produces a product that is an exact replica of the rendering
  Understands the golf tournament business and its local nature, and uses local talent to the maximum extent possible while never surrounding responsibility for the promised product.
  Uses the latest graphic software and stays abreast of changes in technology.
  TDgSports strives to enhance the value of the hospitality space to the corporate end user.





Sports And Corporate Hospitality

Sports And Corporate Hospitality Are Beginning To Fit Together Like A Hand And A Glove. TDG Has Provided Décor And Hospitality Opportunities For Clients In Non-golf Activities Including College Football, Mega Churches, NASCAR And Professional Boxing.  If It’s A Sporting Décor Need, TDgSports Can Handle It.



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